Lauryn Hill Debuts New Song ‘Black Rage’

Ms. Lauryn Hill debuted her new song, “Black Rage,” during the first show of the “Life Is Good/Black Rage” Tour with Nas on Monday in Dallas. Ms. Hill has described the song as being “about the derivative effects of racial inequity and abuse” and “a juxtaposition to the statement ‘life is good,’ which she believes can only be so when these long standing issues are addressed and resolved.” You can watch part of this performance in the fan video below:

The Dallas Observer wrote, “A re-appropriation of ‘A Few of My Favorite Things,’ Rage is a smart articulation of the social and political constructs informing her description of black rage. And yes, it focuses on racial dynamics, on the description of oppression and its aftermath. The crowd was listening to every word, and afterward, Hill presented the lyrics for those who may have lost them in the contagious beat: “Black rage is founded on draining and draining/Threaten your freedom, so you’ll stop complaining/Poison the water, while they say it’s raining/They call you mad for complaining, complaining/Old time bureaucracy, drugging the youth/Black rage is founded on blocking the truth.”

It was church in there, and I mean that as compliment. She looked back out and said, “Don’t let them tell you who you are. Sometimes you are ahead of the curve. They don’t know what to do with you when you are ahead of the curve.”

Read more at the Dallas Observer.

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