Lauryn Hill: ‘I’m not afraid to be the person I am’ – The Guardian 1999 Interview

It’s been 15 years since the release of landmark album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. A year after its release, Ms. Hill spoke with The Guardian newspaper in a passionate, funny and unguarded interview. The newspaper has reprinted that 1999 interview in Rock’s Backpages. Here is an excerpt:

.”I think a large part of my personality spills over into my music. No matter how pretty it gets, it’s never too pretty. There’s always gotta be something in there that’s rough. I think that’s me. No matter how high a note I sing, it’s always gonna be scratchy, just by virtue of my voice. I never record vocals with compression, because I want it to sound old, to sound rough, and I want you to hear everything that I intended you to hear. I don’t want anything cleaned up off the track. I love the human element of real instruments, as opposed to keyboards and modules. I love Hammond B3 organs and Wurlitzers, even when they’re out of tune sometimes. To me that presents what’s human about those instruments. Hip hop is the backbone, but I just love expanding those parameters.”

Read more from the 1999 interview in The Guardian.

Lauryn Hill

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